What is Color Alchemy?


Color Alchemy is a revolutionary multilayered print methodology that enlivens traditional light box print, by creating movement and animation. This is achieved by using RGB lighting to interact with colour filters within the multilayer print. Through this process static print is able to achieve a range of engaging visual effects, which bridges the gap between static prints and digital displays.



How it Works?

Our team creates a multilayered artwork (using your creative) which we then combine with a BrytePac system in your lightbox. BrytePac isolates elements of the creative, allowing us to control the colour and brightness of each individual LED, providing full control of the system. Instead of using white lighting (traditionally used in lightboxes) we use addressable RGB lights. As a result of this light manipulation and colour filtration through the multilayer printed creative, Color Alchemy is able to achieve a wide range of key features:


  1. Dynamic enhancement, enrichment, vibrancy and depth of colour within the artwork.
  2. Segmented colour alteration: The ability to isolate and change colours (within the artwork) across a full spectrum.
  3. Hidden layers such as content, messaging and imagery (etc) can be embedded within the multilayer print and revealed as desired.
  4. Multiple animations can be used on one creative.
  5. Social Media platform can activate pre-programmed behaviours.
  6. Motion, sound and touch sensors can activate pre-programmed sequences.
  7. Scheduled programs can be activated e.g. Animation linked to time of day, weather, etc.
  8. AI ability.
  9. Can be easily supplied as a new light box or retrofitted into any existing lightbox.
  10. Size is no object: it works just as well with grand format signage as it does with smaller indoor formats.
  11. It is cost-effective when utilized at large scale, compared with digital displays.


Key Features

Vibrant enhancement of static print

True Pantone match

Provides an enhanced framework for the manipulation of imagery

It is particularly effective at night or in low ambient lighting

In comparison to digital print, it is highly cost effective when used at scale

Multi-use platform that can be reused over multiple campaigns

Once combined with BrytePac technology, it has the ability to pulsate, isolate and highlight key aspects of the creative, in real time.

Real time monitoring


Why use Color Alchemy?


Color Alchemy skillfully preserves pantone colours when backlit,creating a superior reproduction of a brand’s pantone. This is often harder to achieve with regular day/night prints or traditional backlit media.


Traditional backlit print is static, but with Color Alchemy a single print is able to achieve a huge range of visual effects and engagement.
In this way, Color Alchemy activates and animates print, dynamically.


With Color Alchemy, size is no object: it works just as well with a 20m outdoor sign as it does on a 5m2 indoor sign. It is highly effective when used at night or in low ambient lighting and can be easily applied to any new light boxes or can be retrofitted into any existing backlit print platforms. It is also highly cost effective when used in large-scale executions.


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